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Consortium for Service Innovation

Appendix A: KCS v6 Update Summary

Description of the difference between KCS v5 and KCS v6 available on this web session (YouTube).





KCS Principles and Core Concepts

KCS Principles and Core Concepts

Knowledge-Centered Support replaced with Knowledge-Centered Service

Section 1 Knowledge-Centered Service

Renumbered techniques to contain practice number.technique number Throughout
Moved KCS benefits Technique 8.3 KCS Benefits and ROI
Removed Phases of Adoption references throughout replaces the link KCS v6 Adoption Guide

All references to customer service specific techniques are in block quotes

Move ITIL and KCS to appendix Appendix F: KCS and ITIL
Replace Customer with requestor and Support Analyst with responder Throughout
KCS is a Risk Management System updated KCS Manages the Dynamics of Knowledge
Removed Knowledge Assets will address in Predicative Customer Engagement  
KCS Article changed Customer to Requester changed Support Analyst to Responder added knowledge worker The KCS Article and througout
Replace participation with link rate  Throughout
Incident or case changed to system of record when referring to non-customer service related interactions Throughout
AQi update to be positive  The Article Quality Index
Changed vocabulary from capture, structure, reuse to reuse, improve, create Throughout
Replace Draft article with Validated confidence Throughout


Capture Relevant Content technique combines with Searching is Creating

Technique 1.3: Searching is Creating



Content Health

Content Health Indicators Technique 5.10: Content Health Indicators
Removed web-success replaced with self-service success Throughout
Article State becomes Article Confidence new definition of Article State is combination of Article Confidence, Audience (formerly Visibility), and Governance Throughout
Archiving Old Articles new technique taken out of Managing KCS Quality Technique 5.5: Archiving Old Articles
Dealing with Legacy Data new technique taken out of Managing KCS Quality Technique 5.6: Dealing With Legacy Data
Priming the Knowledge Base with New Information new technique taken out of Managing KCS Quality Technique 5.7: Priming the Knowledge Base With New Information
Global Support Considerations new technique taken out of Managing KCS Quality Technique 5.8: Global Support Considerations
Knowledge Domain Analysis new technique and combined with New vs. Known Technique 5.9: Knowledge Domain Analysis
Self-service Measures new technique replaces Assessing the Value of Articles Technique 5.12: Self-Service Measures
Process Integration Throughout
Process Integration Indicators added, then name updated to Process Adherence Review Technique 6.5: KCS Process Adherence Review

Performance Assessment

Added Coaching for Success technique

Technique 7.2: Coaching for Success

Changed Balanced Scorecard Technique to Assessing the Creation of Value Technique Technique 7.4: Assessing the Creation of Value
Updated individual radar charts to include link accuracy, contribution index

Radar Charts: Creating a Value Footprint

Updated team/team leader radar chart with link accuracy, contribution Radar Charts: Creating a Value Footprint
Updated scenarios to include Process Adherence Review (formerly Process Integration Indicators)

A Scenario—Examples of KCS Reports 

Leadership and Communication

Replace reward with recognize Throughout
Updated Compelling Purpose to include vision, mission, and brand promise Technique 8.1: Develop and Communicate a Vision
Moved KCS benefits and ROI from Strategic Framework into new technique Technique 8.3 KCS Benefits and ROI
Added technique on the Leadership for knowledge workers  Technique 8.9: Leadership Accountability to the Knowledge Worker
Leadership and Communications Indicators Technique 8.10: Leadership and Communication Indicators
Summary of updates Appendix A: KCS v6 Update Summary
Glossary of Terms updated Appendix B: Glossary of KCS Terms
Article Quality Quick Reference Guide updated Appendix E: Article Quality Quick Reference Guide
Right to Use with Attribution updated RIGHT TO USE WITH ATTRIBUTION

Click here for the KCS v5.3 update summary.

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