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Consortium for Service Innovation

Plan and Design

The Plan and Design phase builds the foundation for a successful implementation.  It entails:

  • Assessing the current state of knowledge practices
  • Getting the right people involved across the organization to form the KCS Council
  • KCS training for the KCS Council
  • Designing a workflow and content standard that is good enough to get started
  • Creating a communications plan
  • Developing an adoption plan and road map
  • Establishing the measurement model and baseline measures against which we can assess progress

The Plan and Design phase can take anywhere from four weeks to a number of months depending on the size and diversity of the audience adopting KCS. The KCS Program Manager coordinates the design activities. In small organizations (10-50 people), this may include program management and project management responsibilities. In large organizations (50-1000s), the KCS Program Manager will need the support of project managers for each knowledge domain. It is critical to clearly define responsibility for the adoption activities.

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