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Consortium for Service Innovation

KCS: The Great Enabler

A thriving KCS implementation makes a whole slew of interesting things possible for all three stakeholders: the organization, the requestors, and the responders. 

The things KCS enables for....

The Organization
  • Automation: chat bots, detection & repair, predictive customer engagement
  • Cross-organizational communication and collaboration; silo-busting
  • Lower operational costs
  • Increased employee loyalty/lower turnover
  • Reduce time to proficiency/expertise
  • Automation: chat bots using KB
  • Machine learning/matching problems & solutions
  • Predictive capabilities based on articles reuse and linking
  • Increased consistency/reduced risk of error
  • Reduction in duplication
  • Improved requestor success & productivity leading to increased NPS, revenue, engagement
  • Improved compliance, less variation
  • Business improvements; features, functions of product/services, process, policies
  • Voice of the Customer initiatives
  • Capture/retention of organizational knowledge
  • Optimizing resource utilization (people work new!)
  • Improved brand reputation, deliver on brand promise
  • Organizational alignment/consistency to vision and across the lifecycle
  • Omnichannel capabilities & consistency
  • Self service success
  • Lower level of effort on known
  • Consistent responses on known
  • Reduction in time to find
  • Streamlined access
  • Refined solutions (reuse improves content)
  • Ability to share solutions with others
  • Collaboration
  • Opportunity learning/potential teaching
  • Value realization
  • Co creation = increased loyalty
  • Confidence (self, product, company)
  • Trust
  • Increased loyalty to companies who deliver on their brand promise
  • More interesting work/elimination of redundant work
  • Lower level of effort on known
  • Consistent responses on known
  • Increased confidence during on boarding
  • Less stress, more trust in peers
  • Sense of belonging
  • Wider scope of work, diversity
  • Empowerment, direct influence
  • Impact beyond one-to-one, sense of contribution
  • Collaboration independent of space, time and organizational boundaries
  • Faster development of resolutions
  • Constant learning
  • Opportunity to develop skills and new roles; coach, KDE
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Visibility to impact of contribution
  • Cross-functional solution development
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