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Consortium for Service Innovation

KCS v6 Practices Workshop

The most successful adoptions invest in training and certification.  All the members of the KCS Council should attend a KCS v6 Practices Workshop, and it is highly recommended that the Council members attain the KCS v6 Practices Certification from the Consortium for Service Innovation. This certification ensures a thorough and consistent understanding of the KCS principles, practices, and techniques across the Council members.

The KCS v6 Practices Workshop has evolved over the past 20 plus years as the KCS methodology has evolved. It is a very effective and efficient way to create KCS evangelists. The workshop includes both lecture and high-impact, hands-on experiences, which has proven to align KCS understanding across organizations and reduced time to obtain business benefits from KCS.  There are a number of KCS Certified Trainers around the world who are certified to deliver the KCS v6 Practices Workshop and are qualified to facilitate the KCS Design Session. The KCS Certified Trainers can also administer the KCS v6 Practices certification exam as part of a workshop. 

Once the KCS Council has a good understanding of KCS and how it applies to them, the next step is the KCS Design Session. 

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