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Intelligent Swarming Practices Guide

Intelligent Swarming Practices Guide
Intelligent Swarming was, and continues to be, developed as a smarter way to align people and work.  Born out of the high technology support and services industry, it has gained a lot of attention as the most efficient way to solve problems in ever-changing, complex environments.  It challenges 30 years of accepted practice and structure in support.  Adopters see improved skills development and utilization, greater speed and accuracy of resolutions, providing customer with a better experience.

Note: we use the same glossary of terms as the KCS v6 Practices Guide.  In place of support agent or engineer, we use knowledge worker: "Anyone who does intellectual work as opposed to physical work. People who use data and information to make judgments and decisions and/or take action. Knowledge workers can play the role of responder or requestor."

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