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Consortium for Service Innovation

Special Thanks

The Intelligent Swarming Practices Guide is based on the operational experiences of brave Members of the Consortium for Service Innovation.  Everything we have captured in this guide is based on real-world experiences and learnings from years of testing aspects of Intelligent Swarming. 

Special Thank You to:

  • The team at Akamai for their willingness to share and test new ideas.  
  • The team at Poly who leveraged Herzberg's motivating factors as part of Intelligent Swarming
  • Monique Cadena for her continued leadership and thinking about how Intelligent Swarming can be applied
  • Ludwig Heil for his continued thought leadership and desire to improve Support with Intelligent Swarming in a diverse technical environment. 
  • And to all of the brave people that are testing and sharing their experiences to make everyone better

Matt Seaman, Kelly Murray, and Greg Oxton reorganized and wrote this version in late 2021 and early 2022.  Huge thanks to reviewers Adamo Maino, Gaetan Ridard, Christina Roosen, and Jacob Watts.

The Intelligent Swarming Practices Guide is an expansion of the ideas described in the 2018 Intelligent Swarming: A Framework for Collaboration paper written by Greg Oxton, Sander van der Moolen, Kelly Murray, and Carla Verwijs and reviewed and edited by David Kay, Koree Mires, and Bill Ackerman.

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