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Making People Visible

If visibility to work is accurate, the need to ask additional responders for assistance will be the exception; most work will be resolved by the initial responder. However, when responders do need help, we want to connect people to people to help resolve issues quickly and efficiently without needing to transfer or escalate work requests.    

There are numerous overlaps between Making Work Visible and Making People Visible with the key difference being the trigger for engagement: 

  • Making Work Visible:  A new work request (case) that needs to be made visible to resources to take the work and respond to the requestor.
  • Making People Visible:  An existing work request assigned to a person that needs additional information or knowledge to make progress.  This also includes making existing work that may be assigned to someone visible to people that could offer to help. 

When designing this process we need to enable visibility to: 

  1. Requests for help that are relevant to me
  2. Work others own that I may be able to assist with
  3. People who may be able to help with work I own

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