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Consortium for Service Innovation

Examples and Suggestions

Available to Consortium Members only: collected examples and suggestions of how Members gathered data and completed the spreadsheet.

The example methods should not be interpreted as a definitive ‘how to’ but as possible ways you can approach measures in a meaningful way for your organization. See Service Engagement Measures spreadsheet for all measure details.

See a sample measures spreadsheet with suggestions for how to show trends over time.

Number of Engagements

How to use Google Analytics to define sessions containing specific pages, presented by Steve Springer from Sage.

Length of Successful Engagement

Kimaya Agarwal from Akamai presents on how to calculate time to mitigation (agent assisted).

Christina Roosen from Akamai presents on how to calculate time to mitigation (self-service).

Cost Per Successful Engagement

Theresa Manzo from MindTouch walks us through how to calculate cost per engagement for agent assisted and self-service channels (total and successful).

Customer Satisfaction

Transactional surveys on closed cases, presented by Richard Bekolay at Ciena.

Measure Self-Service Success Using Surveys

Presented by Arnfinn Austefjord, Consortium for Service Innovation.

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