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Consortium for Service Innovation

Special Thanks

With gratitude and appreciation to the members of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

KCS v6 is based on more than 25 years of collective thinking, investment, experimentation, and insight.

The journey started in 1992 with the simple premise - "What if we could capture, structure and reuse the support experience?"  It is impossible to recognize all the contributors to the collective effort of developing and validating the KCS practices over the years.  The early work on the KCS concepts and design was facilitated and documented by John Chmaj and Livia Wilson.

With continued focus and support from the Consortium members the practices continue to evolve. Version 6 of the KCS Practices Guide reflects the latest member experiences.

KCS v6 was written by Greg Oxton, Melissa George, and Kelly Murray based on the experiences and contributions from many Consortium members. Special thanks to David Kay for his contribution in many of the techniques and for his editing and comments on the entire document.

Thank you to the KCS v6 Practices team: 

Arnfinn Austefjord

Russ Brooks

Monique Cadena 

Jennifer Crippen

Amy Dotson

Beth Haggett

David Kay

Kristin Kline Hunter

Jennifer MacIntosh

David Stanley-Jones

Devra Struzenberg



For a summary of the updates that were made in v6 please see Appendix A

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