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Consortium for Service Innovation

Summary: Frequently Used Articles

There is a lot we can learn by analyzing article reuse patterns and clusters of articles in the knowledge base including:

  • Ensuring our high-value articles are accurate and findable
  • Identifying and merging duplicate articles
  • Identifying and collecting the data about pervasive issues that are candidates for root cause analysis and corrective action.
  • Improving the problem-solving process for generic issues with multiple possible causes/resolutions
  • Identifying opportunities to recognize those who are making a valuable contribution to the knowledge base
  • Exposing opportunities to improve the Solve Loop practices (knowledge worker behaviors)  

The final step of this analysis is to assess the work we have done. The KDE and/or the team that did the analysis, merged duplicate articles, and/or designed and built hub articles or resolution paths should do some searches to test the findability of the articles.  It is also important to have a few representatives from the intended audience for the articles, who were not part of the analysis team, participate in a findability, usability exercise.  Given a few scenarios, are the requestors in the audience for these articles successful in finding and using the articles? 

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