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Consortium for Service Innovation


The KCS Center of Excellence is typically a small team of people who are dedicated full-time to KCS adoption activities. The exact number of people required is a function of the size of the organization adopting KCS and the speed of adoption. The global KCS Council includes the individuals in the KCS Center of Excellence as well as individuals within the respective organizations who have been designated as KCS focal points or KCS adoption coordinators. The KCS focal points are part-time and reside in the organizations they represent. They should include both managers and front-line knowledge workers from each of the organizations.

The global KCS Council is responsible for development and continuous improvement of the KCS foundation elements including:

  • Strategic Framework
  • Communications plan
  • Measurement framework
  • Workflow or process definitions
  • Content standard
  • Adoption roadmap
  • Technology requirements

As the organization embraces KCS as an integral part of their business, the focus of the global KCS Council shifts. Early in the KCS adoption process the KCS Council must drive the KCS activities. In order to sustain KCS over time, it is critical that the line managers take responsibility for encouraging the KCS practices as well as the KCS results. Post-adoption, the KCS Council focuses on continuous improvement of the content standard, the workflow model, and the functionality and integration of the tools.

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