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Consortium for Service Innovation

Appendix B: Building a KCS Center of Excellence

Adopting KCS in very large organizations (more than 500 knowledge workers or support analysts) can be a challenge. For most organizations KCS represents a significant change, and a successful adoption requires a focused change management effort.

A KCS Center of Excellence is a small team of people who integrate KCS expertise with change management expertise. The people who facilitate an adoption across the organization must be KCS evangelists as well as change management experts.

The KCS Center of Excellence staff must have program and project management skills as well as the capability to do the following KCS activities:

  • Assessments
  • Design
  • Training for knowledge workers and managers
  • Coaching and coach development
  • Business analysis and metrics

This Appendix describes the roles and an approach to building a KCS Center of Excellence and is intended to compliment both this guide and the KCS v6 Practices Guide.  It is intended for large support organizations who are adopting KCS. The KCS Center of Excellence is the core of the larger global KCS Council.

The global KCS Council supports the Plan and Design and Adoption activities for each of the waves. As the waves of adoption expand into Building Proficiency and Optimizing and Innovating, ownership for the KCS processes and results become the responsibility of line management. The KCS Council then focuses on continuous improvement.  

In this section:

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