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Consortium for Service Innovation

Activities for Leveraging the Knowledge Base

The KCS Council evaluates the maturity of the KCS program using the guidelines from this Adoption Guide. When the knowledge base has become a valuable resource to the organization for learning and for solving known issues faster and more consistently, other opportunities for the organization start to come into focus.

There are a number of important activities in Phase 3: 

  • KCS Council focus shifts from adoption activities to continuous improvement activities 
  • Focus on Self-Service
  • Launch the KDE Program
  • Introduction of new measures 

KCS Council

As a knowledge domain moves from Phase 2 to Phase 3, the focus of the KCS Council for that domain shifts from developing KCS proficiency and the Solve Loop activities to driving continuous improvement and leveraging the knowledge through the Evolve Loop activities.

In large organizations with multiple domains, this means the KCS Council many may need to support domains that are in different phases at any one point in time. 

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