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Consortium for Service Innovation

Build Proficiency

The transition from Adopting in Waves to Building Proficiency happens when the knowledge base for the domain has reached critical mass; most of what the organization has learned from their interactions has been captured in a way that is findable and usable by the audience making the request.

In this section:

Building Proficiency entails:

  • Continue coaching and learning
  • Reinforcing the new behaviors
  • Developing Evolve Loop content
  • Leveraging the knowledge base through pattern and trend analysis (the KDE role)
  • Delivering value to the customer through self-service
  • Delivering value to the customer through business improvements
  • Modifying performance measures from individual to team
  • Adding or updating self-service measures
  • Developing separate processes for handling new vs. known issues

While building proficiency, we need to re-think and expand our measures to include customer success through self-service, and the impact we are having by identifying opportunities for business improvements. The business improvements can be in the area of policies, processes, products, or services. We can contribute to organizational learning by providing actionable, quantifiable feedback to the business owners about high value improvements based on the patterns and trends of knowledge reuse. The health and contribution of the support organization can no longer be measured solely inside of support! 

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