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Consortium for Service Innovation

Expanding the Measurement Model

As we begin to leverage the knowledge base, we have to rethink and expand our measurement model. Building Proficiency enables us to move away from a one-to-one relationship between the responder and requestor toward a one-to-many relationship. This is where we really leverage the "solve it once, use it often" concept. By making the knowledge we have captured available to our customers through self-service, we have the opportunity to reuse a responder's resolution for all the requestors who encounter that issue. We need to add customer use and success with self-service to our measurement model.

In addition to enabling customer success with self-service, we also have the opportunity to identify and drive business improvements based on the patterns and trends of article reuse. It is time to formalize our Knowledge Domain Analysis activities! Trend identification, root cause analysis, and corrective actions may be taken in a number of different business areas including company processes and policies as well as improvement to the usability, features, and functionality of our products and services. We need to update the measurement model to include the business value of taking corrective actions on pervasive issues.

The value created by leveraging the knowledge base can not be measured inside the organization that captured the knowledge; it is realized by others outside that organization!   

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