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Consortium for Service Innovation

Special Accommodation Practices Exam for non-native speakers


English is not my primary language.  Can I take the Practices exam in my native language?


  • All KCS v6 Certification Exams are in English
  • For the KCS v6 Practices Exam, there is an option to set up a special accommodations if English is not your primary language. (ESL)
  • Special accommodations are made for ESL test takers by allowing a physical dictionary and expanded time to complete the exam (3 hours instead of 2 hours)
  • After creating a Consortium Webassessor Account, email
  • DO NOT register for the exam yourself.
  • Follow these steps well in advance of when you want to take the exam to allow for responding/processing
  • In your email, please include the following information:
    • Webassessor Username
    • Date, time (1st and 2nd choice) - exam time slots can fill up quickly
    • Specify if you want to do online-proctored or Kryterion Test Center
    • Coupon Code/Voucher you were given by your company (if applicable).
    • A photo of the physical dictionary that will be used during the exam (can not be online dictionary)
    • Consortium Support will be registering for you and you will receive a confirmation from Webassessor to you inbox.  
  • This option is currently not available for the KCS v6 Fundamentals Exam 

Environment/Applies to

  • KCS v6 Practices Certification
  • Webassessor