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Retake the KCS v6 Practices exam if failed


KCS v6 Practices Exam Re-take Information


  • To retake a non-passing exam, a retake fee of $170 (plus applicable taxes) and a 30 day wait period is required.  Log back into the Consortium Webassessor site to see the exam in your account if you have previously failed.

  • Should a second retake be necessary, an additional retake fee of $170 (plus applicable taxes) and 30 day waiting period is again required.  The exam cannot be taken more than three times.  

  • The candidate will receive an exam completion email containing feedback regarding the major topics areas on which to focus before retaking the exam.  If you get a high percentage of items wrong in one section of objectives, your exam result email will tell you which section to study, if you fail and don't receive any specific section information, please refer back to the Study Guide provided and review the objectives as a whole.

Environment/Applies to

  • KCS v6 Practices Certification Exam
  • Webassessor


Failed KCS v6 Practices Exam

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