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How do I retake the KCS v6 Practices exam if I failed?


KCS v6 Practices Exam Re-take Information


  • Read re-take section on the KCS v6 Practices Certification Instructions
  • Register and pay for re-take here or ask your trainer/manager for a new coupon code for the retake
  • The exam can be taken a maximum of three times
  • There is a 30-day waiting period between exam attempts
  • Once 30-day waiting period is exhausted, the re-take exam will show up in your webassessor account for purchase.
  • Choose online delivery, Kryterion Test Center, or discuss with Workshop Instructor
  • Find Kryterion Test Center near you

Environment/Applies to

  • KCS v6 Practices Certification Exam


Failed KCS v6 Practices Exam