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Consortium for Service Innovation

Project Acknowledgements

History and participants.

This project was inspired by an Open Space session convened at the Consortium for Service Innovation's 2019 Member Summit by Jennifer MacIntosh. Rosalie Girard made sure the work continued after the session adjourned.

During more than twenty phone calls and an in-person meeting, a committed group of Consortium members offered their experience, ideas, and passion for this work.  Deep thanks to them for their participation, which culminated in this paper. 

Kimaya Agarwal
Kris Anderson
Richard Bekolay
Monique Cadena
Justin Calhoun
Peter Case
Bonnie Chase
Matt Chinn
JC Coynel
Janine Deegan
Keri Detrick
Amy Dotson
Ross Edgecombe
Jeff Elser
Sara Feldman
John Fronius
Rosalie Girard
Kristin Hunter
David Kay
Aditya Kulkarni                    
Jennifer MacIntosh
Theresa Manzo
Patrick McBride
Sabrina Meditz
Sarup Paul
Laurel Poertner
Bit Rambusch
Christina Roosen
Brad Smith
Steve Springer
Devra Struzenberg
Dave Thorp
Heidi Wagstaff
Jacob Watts
Arnfinn Austefjord
Kelly Murray
Matt Seaman
Greg Oxton


Creative Commons License
Measuring Self-Service Success by Consortium for Service Innovation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.  Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

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