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Consortium for Service Innovation

Understanding Success by Channel

Understanding Success by Channel
Improved customer success due to better knowledge-sharing is a key benefit of KCS. How can we determine the value of knowledge delivery across multiple channels, particularly for self-service and community implementations?

Experience has shown that robust self-service and community experience provides more value than just cost savings, but quantifying this is a complex endeavor. Consortium Members aim to provide a comprehensive view of the value of delivering knowledge across all relevant channels within a company.

We propose tracking a short list of measures over time (the Service Engagement Measures Spreadsheet) to provide visibility to your organization's total demand for knowledge and understand how that demand is being fulfilled.

Service Engagement Measures Spreadsheet Screenshot.png

This resource, offered as a supplement to the Measurement Matters v6 paper, reflects ongoing work by a group of 40+ Consortium Members from 18 Member companies of various sizes and markets.

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