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Technique 5.4: Creating Evolve Loop Articles

Two Types of KCS Articles

Earlier we discussed the interdependent nature of the Solve Loop and Evolve Loop. Each loop generates knowledge by considering articles at different levels. To recap, Solve Loop articles are created and improved by knowledge workers in the role of responder, while they are resolving issues. At the time Solve Loop content is created, it is difficult to judge how important or valuable it may be, but if an issue is worth a response, it is worth capturing in the knowledge base for others to reuse and thereby contribute to the patterns that emerge in the Evolve Loop analysis.

Ideally, Solve Loop articles are developed just-in-time based on requestor demand. Solve Loop articles must adhere to the content standard so that the articles have a consistent structure and are findable and usable by the intended audience.

Evolve Loop articles are high-value articles. These articles are usually created by Knowledge Domain Experts based on patterns and trends in article reuse or the analysis of self-service activity. Evolve Loop content is high-value because it is derived from the patterns of reuse or the clustering of articles around a common theme or issue, or critical processes and procedures. Evolve Loop content generally represents a very small percentage of the total knowledge base.

For a thorough look at creating Evolve Loop articles and other Knowledge Domain Analysis activities, please visit the KCS v6 Knowledge Domain Analysis Reference Guide.

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