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Evolve Loop Guidance

The majority of what we know about the Evolve Loop is captured in the KCS v6 Practices Guide: The Evolve Loop.


We have a link rate of 40% and are getting our KDE's to start using the PII. However, managers of the engineers are accountable for the engineers behaviour when it comes to embracing KCS everyday. Where is the balance in having KDE's do the research and Managers being accountable? If KDEs feed the managers feedback; then managers aren't fully self sufficient when it comes to managing engineers and the KDEs own more part of the game than they do. Any thoughts about this? Different way to think about it?


PAR (formerly PII): Should we have "Modify Loss" as an option?

I'm working on a Process Integration Index (PII) tool.  Should I have "modify loss" as an option?

[Answered by Greg Oxton, 20 July 2017]

I think the ideal (theoretical) most complete contribution index would have an assessment of how often we link, link accurately, modify, create as a percent of the opportunity to link, modify, create.

The modify is a hard one… pretty subjective.  But if we are reviewing the case and the linked article, we could assess whether the knowledge worker should have updated the the article with context that is in the case but not in the article.

We continue to hear how articles exist in self-service but they are not found… because the article is not written in the customer context.  Capturing the customer context is proving to be harder to do than we ever expected.  The modify activity is a demand-based way to drive improvement in article findability, but modify rates tell us that knowledge workers seldom improve articles.

Most of the Consortium members who are looking at Process Indication Indicators do a random sample of all cases closed in a period of time - not just cases without an article attached. If we include cases with articles attached, we can check on the opportunity to modify (article linked, not modified, but should have been) as well as get a sense of missed link opportunities.

For more information , see Technique 6.5 in the KCS v6 Practices Guide.

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