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Intelligent Swarming: A Framework for Collaboration

Intelligent Swarming: A Framework for Collaboration
Intelligent Swarming (Agile Collaboration) is a dramatically different way to organize people and work. It challenges 30 years of accepted practice and structure in support. The early adopters of this model are seeing improvements in all key operational measures of support, including time to resolve and employee skills development, and most importantly, customer effort and loyalty.  This Framework for Collaboration is intended to capture the why and what of Intelligent Swarming.

Note: we use the same glossary of terms as the KCS v6 Practices Guide.  In place of support agent or engineer, we use knowledge worker: "Anyone who does intellectual work as opposed to physical work. People who use data and information to make judgments and decisions and/or take action. Knowledge workers can play the role of responder or requestor."

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