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Will I be given the score of my KCS v6 Practices Exam?


Will I be given my exam score and questions missed?


The KCS v6 Practices exam was built with the idea of answering the following question:

If you hired someone to manage or advise you on a KCS adoption, what would you expect them to know?

The KCS v6 Practices exam is the least "KCS-ish" of all of the KCS Academy's offerings.  It is designed to test a thorough understanding of the KCS methodology.  As such:

  • Only a Pass or Fail grade is received
  • Passing percentage was determined using psychometric calculations and statistically sound sample testing results
  • We do not release the percentage of correct answers required to pass nor answers to questions missed in order to protect the integrity of the exam
  • No partial credit is given for a a question with multiple answers
  • If a large percentage of items are wrong in one section of objectives, your test completion email will tell you which section(s) to study (Subject line: KCS Academy Test Completed) 
  • If you fail and don't receive any specific section information, you missed questions across all areas and you should focus on reviewing the KCS v6 Practices Study Guide

Environment/Applies to

  • KCS v6 Practices Certification Exam



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