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Kryterion Test Center near me when registering for a KCS Practices exam


How do I find a Kryterion Test Center near me?


  • Log in or Create a Webassessor Account for the Consoritum/KCS Certifications exams
  • Exams are listed by exam delivery
  • Be sure to choose correct exam/exam delivery
  • If wanting to take at a Kryterion Test Center, do NOT choose Instructor-Proctered with prior workshop registration
  • Once you select the option for Kryterion Test Center, be sure to adjust the State, City, Country closest to youhow to find test center image.png
  • Often times a company may provide a test taker with a pre-paid Coupon codes.  If entering a coupon code insert and click APPLY. Be sure to also click check out 
  • IMPORTANT:  Check your email from with subject line "Exam Registration Confirmation and read the information carefully.
  • Once registered, click on "My Assessments" to see the exam date and time in your account. 
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  Be sure the government issue ID that you take with you to the Kryterion Test Center matches your Account Information in Webassessor and that you bring two forms of ID - link to the acceptable ID's.

Environment/Applies to

  • Webassessor
  • Kryterion Testing Center
  • KCS Certification Exam