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I did not receive information about how to access my badge after passing my certification exam


I passed my KCS Certification and did not receive email with badge or certificate


  • Immediately after passing your exam, you should have received an email from
  • Check spam folder on the date you passed your certification if you did not receive 
  • You must follow all instructions in that email to accept your badge, post on Linkedin and download a certificate.  Once you accept your badge, you will see your name listed here as a certified person.  You must accept your badge to be listed
  • Find more information here and FAQ's about badging
  • After searching spam and you still haven't received, please email  You may possibly need to provide a personal email as some company security filters block emails.  
  • Certified People will show up in the directory ONLY after they accept the digital badge.

Environment/Applies to

  • KCS v6 Certification
  • Digital Badges
  • Certificate