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How do I cancel or reschedule my KCS Practices Exam if I used a coupon code to purchase the exam?


How do I cancel or reschedule my KCS v6 Practices Exam if I used a coupon code/voucher to purchase the exam? 


Cancelling or rescheduling exam can be done in the test taker's Webassessor account by logging in and clicking on My Assessments 

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 3.53.09 PM.png


Click on Reschedule/Cancel

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 3.53.00 PM.png

  • Prior to the penalty window, there will be no charge. 
    • The Test Taker can reschedule for the same type of exam delivery on their own.
    • If the Test Taker does not know when they'd like to reschedule, or if Test Taker needs to change the exam delivery method, please cancel the exam and contact with the existing coupon code asking for a replacement code.  (If the code has expired, we will contact your trainer for permission to reissue the code.)
  • Depending on timing, Kryterion cancelation penalties will apply as per the exam delivery method
    • Changes must be made 24 hour in advance for online proctored
    • Changes must be made 72 hour in advance of Kryterion Test Center
    • Otherwise $100 cancelation penalty will apply
  • LATE cancel or reschedule, the Test Taker will be asked to pay $100 via credit card in Webassessor to cancel or reschedule.   If you decide to no show, your company will be charged the cancelation fee in order to get a new code for you to register again.


Environment/Applies to

  • Kryterion/Webassesor
  • Practices Certification Exam