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Consortium for Service Innovation

The Double Loop Process

To optimize the health of the knowledge base and the capability of the organization, the KCS methodology uses double loop processes that reinforce each other. These Solve and Evolve Loop processes are the operational activities that make up the system. 
The Double Loop Processes

The Solve Loop (A Loop) represents the responsibilities of the responder when they are resolving a requestor's issue. The practices within this loop are reactive and transactional.

The Evolve Loop (B Loop) represents the responsibilities of leadership and the organization-level process. The Evolve Loop defines the Solve Loop processes and standards for content. It is also reflective in that it is a process of continuous improvement based on the analysis of the Solve Loop experiences. The Evolve Loop looks at a collection of Solve Loop events and the articles associated with those events. The Evolve Loop integrates knowledge worker activities in resolving issues with organizational-level processes, including the responsibility to support and continuously improve the overall maturity of the KCS system and improve the Solve Loop.

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