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Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Certification Instructions

NOTE:  If you landed here after completing the Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Course, please review the Intelligent Swarming Certification Study Guide and then return to "MY LEARNING" if you were previously enrolled in the course/exam bundle or to the CATALOG to purchase (402.1) Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Certification Exam.  

About the Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Certification

The Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Certification is offered by the Consortium for Service Innovation.  The Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Certification designates individuals who have an understanding of the benefits of Intelligent Swarming as well as a basic understanding of the Intelligent Swarming principles, concepts, practices, and techniques. 

Intelligent Swarming is a methodology developed by the Consortium for Service Innovation, the only authorized certifying body for the Consortium's methodologies. The Consortium does not acknowledge any credentials or certifications for Intelligent Swarming offered by other organizations. For more information about the Consortium certifications please visit the Consortium for Service Innovation website.

Intended Audience

This certification is intended for individuals who wish to validate their understanding of the Intelligent Swarming principles, concepts, practices, and techniques. This includes:

  • Support agents (knowledge workers) who are supporting internal or external customers
  • Supervisors and managers of support agents
  • Program and project managers who are responsible for Intelligent Swarming adoption  

Eligibility Requirements

There are no prerequisites to take the Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Certification exam, although it is strongly recommended that certification candidates read the Intelligent Swarming Practices Guide as well as take the Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Online Training Course. Certification and a badge is awarded upon successfully passing the exam.

Certification Fees

  • Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Exam: $95 (plus any applicable taxes)
  • Exam retake fee: $95 (plus any applicable taxes)
  • All fees are non-refundable. 

Registration, Payment, and Scheduling Exam

Step 1: Visit the eTrainCenter registration page and create an account. You will receive an email with your eTrainCenter Student Information and log-in credentials.

Step 2: Log into your account and add the Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Certification Exam to your shopping cart

Step 3: Enter payment via PayPal or credit card.  You will then receive an email with the course/exam for which you registered. If you would like to print a receipt, follow these instructions.

Step 4: Launch exam in your eTrainCenter account.  You have 12 weeks after payment to launch the exam.  Once you launch the exam, you have 45 minutes to complete the exam with no breaks.  If more than 45 minutes elapses, your exam will be submitted as failed. 


About the Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Certification Exam

The Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Certification exam is not proctored and is comprised of 32 questions.  The majority of questions are multiple-choice and there is one matching exercise. The allotted time to complete the exam is 45 minutes. 

There are no breaks during the exam. 

Reference materials can be used during the exam.

Exam Topics and Objectives 

Reading List and Study Guide

The certification exam covers the following elements of Intelligent Swarming:

  • principles, core concepts, practices, and techniques 
  • benefits 
  • drivers of the shift from an escalation model to a collaboration model  
  • characteristics of organizations that would benefit from the methodology

The exam is based on the topics and objectives described in detail in the Study Guide.  No specific product or technology is covered in the exam. The exam was built with the idea of answering the following question: "If you hired someone to join an organization that has adopted Intelligent Swarming, what would you expect them to know and understand about it?”

In addition to reviewing the Study Guide, certification candidates are strongly encouraged to read the Intelligent Swarming Practices Guide as well as complete the Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Training Course.  This training is an online, self-paced, interactive training that is available for a separate fee, and is usually completed in 45-60 minutes.

Exam Results

At the completion of the Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Certification exam, you will receive score based on the percent of questions answered correctly and a pass/fail indication.  This information is available to you, and only you, through your eTrainCenter account.

This is a pass/fail exam.  In order to protect the integrity of the exam, no additional or detailed information about the questions answered incorrectly can be provided. 

If the candidate's exam registration was paid for by the candidate's company, that company has the right to receive the Pass/Fail exam result. Registrations paid for by an individual candidate will be kept confidential.

Exam Retake

If you did not pass the exam you can retake the exam after a 7 day waiting period. There is a retake fee of $95 for each retake.  To schedule a retake return to the catalog and choose Retake Exam 402.2.  The exam cannot be taken more than three times. Should an additional retake be necessary, please contact us.   


The Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals Certification is currently only available in English.  

Certification Renewal

Certification begins on the date of passing the online exam and ends one year after the Consortium releases a new version of the Intelligent Swarming Fundamentals certification. 

Consortium Community Rules of Conduct

Participation in the Consortium for Service Innovation certification activities indicates that you have read and agree to the Consortium's Member Rules of Conduct.  Lack of adherence to these rules of conduct will be grounds for loss of certification status and exclusion from the community at the Consortium's discretion.


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