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Consortium for Service Innovation

What is the best tool for Knowledge Management


How do I determine the best tool for Knowledge Management in my environment?


The Consortium for Service Innovation and the KCS Academy are vendor-neutral organizations.  That being said, technology is a critical enabler for KCS and collaboration.

  • For some thoughts on required technology criteria, please see Technique 6.2: Seamless Technology Integration in the KCS v6 Practices Guide.
  • The KCS Academy offers a KCS v6 Verified Program for knowledge management tools that demonstrate the functionality required to support both the Solve and Evolve Loops of the KCS methodology.
    • The KCS v6 Verified Self-Assessment Worksheet provides a list of functionalities to think about when shopping for a tool.  KCS v6 Verified vendors should provide their completed spreadsheets upon request.
    • The fact that products have achieved the KCS v6 Verified designation does not relieve the buyer of doing due diligence on the product functionality. In particular, buyers should be sure to understand the product’s functionality for authoring and searching and confirm that the vendor’s approach will support the buyer’s needs. KCS Verified products are not necessarily designed to be KCS compliant out of the box. Please request completed Verified Self-Assessment Worksheets from individual vendors to determine the level of customization required for your environment.
  • Additional resources for assessing knowledge management technology include:


Environment/Applies to

  • Verified and Aligned Tools
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