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Are KCS in Action Web Sessions recorded?


Are KCS in Action Web Sessions recorded? 


  • Yes, KCS in Action web sessions are recorded.  A link to the recording will be emailed to all registrants when it becomes available (can take up to two weeks following the event for it to be emailed)
  • To locate email, search for subject line: Recording: (and then name of web session)
  • If you have NOT previously registered and the event has NOT passed:  Register for web session here
  • If you are an employee of a company that is a current member of the Consortium for Service Innovation, you can access all web session recordings(by year or search topic) on the members-only wiki (login required). If you do not have a log-in, please email with your company email address

Environment/Applies to

  • The KCS Academy
  • Web Sessions
  • KCS in Action


  • Unavailable to attend web session due to conflict in schedule/time zone difference
  • Attended web session but would like to review
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