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Purchasing Webassessor Exams by PO


Purchasing a KCS v6 Practices Certification Exam by PO if not part of a KCS Practices Workshop


We can provide you with an invoice or a quote to pay by PO.  Once we receive PO, a coupon code will be provided to distribute to your team. 

  • Email and include the following information
    • Company Name and Address and anything your company requires to be on an invoice/quote.  Indicate if your company prefers a quote first or an invoice
    • Include how many of each you would like to purchase
      • KCS Practice Test:  $85 USD
      • KCS v6 Practices Certification Exam:  $450 USD

Once the PO or payment is received, we will be in touch with coupon code and instructions on how to use it.  


The Practice Test is recommended if there is budget for it.  The practice test helps to get the feel of the exam questions how they are written etc.  It is not as critical as reviewing the KCS v6 Practices Certification Study Guide prior to taking the exam, but it does give a feel for the Webassessor/Krtyerion Platform that the exam is taken on. 

Each test taker can choose to take the exam by Online-Proctored or Kryterion Test Center near them.  The Online-Proctored exam requires a personal laptop with built in camera or if they are using a work laptop, security and admin permission may have to be disabled prior to and during the exam.   More on this here.  We do not require an external webcam.  


Environment/Applies to

  • Webassessor
  • KCS Practices Certification