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Leadership in an Adaptive Organization

Leadership in an Adaptive Organization
As we move away from traditional, hierarchical organizational structures and toward the organization as a network, the Leadership Framework aims to provide guidance around business strategy, people, measurements, process and structure, and technology.

Definition of Service Excellence:

Maximize customer realized value/success through the use of our products and services.

  • This means easy and seamless service integrated into the context of use.
  • This requires a commitment to the continuous improvement of the whole customer experience

Customer support is not about solving incidents or customer satisfaction with incident resolution. It is about our ability to contribute to customer success and productivity. It means we have to be good at:

  • Minimizing value erosion by making sure our products and services work in the way the customer expected with the fewest possible exceptions (and making any exceptions as pain-free as possible)
  • Maximizing value realization by reducing customer effort and increasing customer capability

Creating the conditions in which those things can happen is what we aim to address with the Leadership Framework.

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