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Consortium for Service Innovation


Emerging Principles

Attributes of the Adaptive Organization

  • Persistent customer presence (an unbounded network)
  • Enthusiastic people (not just willing or compliant)
  • Laughter (the trust and creativity factor)
  • High tolerance for ambiguity, diversity and discovery
  • A network that is continuously improving relevance and reach (efficient and unbounded)
  • Alignment/engagement (not control)
  • Systems thinking (non-linear approach)
  • Beliefs about people as whole, capable human beings (not a resource, role, position, consumer or target)
  • An interest in people’s health and productivity (not just their “consumption”)


A Shift in Perspective

  • Management evaluation of employees' contribution is a ridiculous notion

  • Use of the bell curve for distribution of compensation is not pay for performance

  • Stack ranking of employees is demoralizing and disrupts collaboration

  • Rigid job descriptions and organizational hierarchies guarantees the we will get the lowest common denominator of people’s capacity to contribute

  • Any conversation about the design of services without the customers present is a waste of time 

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