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Consortium for Service Innovation


  • Old ideas of process engineering do not apply, Darwinist view of processes
    • New resources ‘learning through the generations’ applying science
    • Evolutionary
  • What is new process with swarming?
  • Traditional: linear, measurable, repeatable, accountable, etc do not fit with swarming
  • How to document
  • Open source and partners how to deal with swarming
  • What is the real demand?
  • How to fix the product vs how to use the product (different types of demand)?
  • Self service tends to be light weight issues
  • How to avoid leakage of ‘light weight” issues now ending in contact center
  • What is the right self-service experience
  • Don’t separate the web, call, and km processes, need to be integrated channels
  • Demand can include need for internal processes as well
  • First call resolution will vary depending where you are in the cycle, need to understand the difference between new and known problems
  • Self-service as front door  “how do you drive true deflection” (what are the factors of deflection, changes over maturity of product)


  • Structured problem solving methodology, trust in the methodology,
  • Reuse of the knowledge
  • Who works on what? Alignment resources to work
  • Reputation (R and R for value/contribution)
  • Point of contact
  • Outcome/value focused process metrics
  • Troubleshooting approach methodology
  • Ownership
  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge enabled
  • Team oriented
  • Non-restrictive
  • Enabler to the best thing happening
  • Align to expectations
  • Just in time training not just in case
  • Process scope (design, develop, support) becomes part of the focus

Traditional Model

New Model

Linear Multi-loop
Prescribed, static Adaptive, dynamic
Slow to change Constantly evolving
Uniform rules Different rules for those who care vs those who don't
Surge in demand = overwhelmed Surge in demand = surge in capacity
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