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Upload and register multiple people in the Self-Paced Learning Center

How to upload and register multiple people in the Self-Paced Learning Center


  • Login to the Self-Paced Learning Center if you have been assigned to a KCS Registrar Role.  Contact for more information if you have not been assigned this role
  • Hover over your name (at the top right) and then hover over ADMIN and then UPLOAD USERS will appear. Click UPLOAD USERS

ext customer upload user 1.png

  • Step 1: Download and open the latest template document (see Step 1 arrow below)
  • After downloading the spreadsheet - on the Students tab (first worksheet tab), add company name, users first name, middle name(optional), last name, email address and log-in (best to use email address again for log-in) and save file - Be sure to add the data starting on line A2 - NOTE:  currently there is a limit of 50 users per upload.  Make no other changes on the spreadsheet.  
  • Step 2: When completed, choose File from desktop 
  • Step 3: Upload Fileext customer upload user 2.png
  • Select sheet "Students" as that is what you will be uploading - then click continue

ext customer upload user 3.png

  • The next step on the "specify defaults" screen is to select course/exam.  Your choice of course/exams will be limited to what you have already purchased.  You can choose to register your users now or at a different time individually.  If you choose to continue to register for the course, you will also want to select other defaults as indicated on the screen shot below. (ie when you want the start date for this user and whether to allow the system to send your users their log-in and registration emails) Then press continue.

ext cust upload user 2.5.png

  • Make sure the course and number of students to register is correct and then select "Import Data"

ext customer upload user 4.png

  • Each team member will receive two emails (unless you specified otherwise on the "Specify Default" screen). One email with login credentials and another with registration information and how to access course
  • Once completed return to your home page and click ADMIN/USER MANAGEMENT (under your name)to see that everyone was successfully loaded

Environment/Applies to

  • Admin for Team Bulk Purchase 
  • KCS Registrar Role
  • Online Learning Center
  • eTrain