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Report to see how my team members scored on an exam?


How to run a report to see how my team members scored on an exam.


NOTE:  You must have been previously assigned a Managers Reporting role

reports image.png

  • Then click USERS TAKING COURSE (even if it's an exam)

reports image 2.png

  • You will then see this screen that provides the following information:
    • If your team member has logged in to their account
    • Completion Status (IMPORTANT - currently completion status is not accurate for the Fundamentals Course - due to browsers not updating!) 
    • Score of Exam (if applicable)
  • To run a report as a csv file - follow these steps
    • Step 1: Click No Date Range or set a Date Range
    • Step 2: Click Run Report
    • Step 3:  Then Download if you would like (Can choose file type as well)

reports image 3.png


Environment/Applies to

  • Admin for Team Bulk Purchase 
  • KCS Reports Role
  • Online Learning Center
  • eTrain