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4.1 Workshops and Activities for Leveraging

Knowledge Domain Expert Workshop

The Knowledge Domain Expert (KDE) is responsible for the health of a collection of knowledge, analyzing patterns and trends, and facilitating the creation of high value content.


This workshop develops Knowledge Domain Experts (KDE) skills, which are necessary for managing all the knowledge about a particular subject (a knowledge collection).  The KDE’s role is to monitor the health of the knowledge base as a collection of Articles, the distinction between Articles, and the patterns across Articles.  The number of KDE’s will depend on the number of knowledge collections that make sense for an organization (assessed during the Design Workshop).

Evolve Loop

The KCS Practices Guide describes a double loop process: the Solve Loop and the Evolve Loop. The Solve Loop practices enable organizations to capture and reuse the collective experience of the organization in supporting customers. The Evolve Loop enables organizations to learn from that collective experience and identify improvements in both the support processes and the products. The Evolve Loop is a continuous improvement process.  The New vs. Known study an example of an Evolve Loop practice.

New vs. Known Study

Once customers are using self-service, understanding the ratio of new versus known issues coming into the organization is indicator of the health of the knowledge flow and the effectiveness of the self-service model.


There are some key opportunities to learn from the content that has been captured through Phase 3 of KCS Adoption:

  • Improved capture and link rates
  • Improved linking accuracy
  • Improved the speed and quantity of Articles published for self-service
  • Promoted customer use of self-service
  • Increased customer success of self-service


For more detail on the Evolve Loop, please see the KCS Practices Guide.

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It seems like there should be a lot more detail on conducting a New vs Known study.
Posted 05:13, 16 May 2015
Jay: A link to this might be helpful...http://library.serviceinnovation.org/KCS_Practices_Guide_v5.3/030/040/010/070
Posted 23:08, 29 Jul 2016
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