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3.2 Exit Criteria for Phase 3

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Once the organization has become proficient at KCS and has met the following exit criteria for Phase 3, the organization will move into Phase 4 and further leverage the benefits of KCS.


Phase 3 Activities


Readiness Evidence

Target Performance Metrics are consistently reinforced

Demonstrates commitment to the program

First contact resolution increased compared to baseline

Participation rate has stabilized

Time to proficiency decreased compared to baseline

Resolution capacity increased by at least 25%

80-90% of Articles meet target AQI

Cost per incident decreased from baseline

Work has become more meaningful

Motivation factor for employees

Employee satisfaction increased from baseline

Knowledge base has shown value internally

Assures customers will find helpful Articles

Reuse of existing Articles is equal to or greater than creation rate


Don’t stop here!  Support Analyst motivation to continue using the knowledge base will be lost unless the redundant work gets removed from the workflow.  There are two approaches for eliminating known issues:

  1. Remove the problems from the product.
  2. Publish frequently used internal Articles externally on the web so known issues are findable and solvable by the customer.


Phase 4 of the adoption defines the approach for leveraging the knowledge base.

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