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Phase 3 - Proficiency

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Phase 2 established learning, excitement, encouragement and momentum for KCS.  Phase 3 will continue to refine the skills needed to follow the new KCS workflow.  The result will be a high quality knowledge base, written in the context of the customer.  Leadership must continue to reinforce the benefits of KCS and monitor progress through performance metrics.  If left unattended, the old way of solving problems will return.


Phase 3 entails:

  • Monitoring performance
  • Continuing coaching and learning
  • Reinforcing the new behaviors
  • Developing Evolve Loop content


At the end of Phase 3, we would expect to see improvement against the baseline measures: cost per incident will decrease due to the reuse of the knowledge, and service quality will increase.  There will be an increase in employee satisfaction as a result of the recognition gained from having others reuse their knowledge.

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