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2.1 Conducting a Pilot to Test the Design

The training for the Pilot Team focuses on KCS practices including the content standard and the Workflow Process that were created during the Design Session.

KCS Knowledge Contributor Training

This session focuses on teaching the Support Analysts how to do KCS and ideally moves them into a Knowledge Contributor role. The team members will learn how to capture, structure, and reuse information all while assisting the customer. 


training.pngThis is a half-day workshop with the following goals:

  • Understanding the Solve Loop practices
  • Understanding the structured problem solving process
  • Understanding the difference between incident management and knowledge management
  • Accurately and consistently capturing the customer’s context in the workflow
  • Searching for and finding existing Articles
  • Reviewing while reusing and either flagging or finishing framed Articles
  • Creating Articles that adhere to the content standard
  • Understanding of the Article Quality Index
  • Understanding the importance of the context of the audience
  • Working independently by creating well-structured Articles
  • The ability to consistently create, modify, or validate Articles in their product areas that adhere to the content standard without a review from others


Sampling and Scoring of Articles

During the pilot, the KCS Adoption Team begins to use the Article sampling and scoring process outlined in the content standard and the Article Quality Index (AQI) that were created during the Design Session.  The Coaches then give feedback based on the criteria in the AQI to the Pilot Team members.


All groups must successfully exit Phase 2. Depending on the size of the organization, subsequent waves may be necessary to deploy KCS to all Support Analysts. Using a wave approach assures that each team is creating quality Articles before adding more people.

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