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1.6 Exit Criteria for Phase 1

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Once the Pilot Team is committed and has met the following exit criteria for Phase 1, the team will move into Phase 2, the Adoption Phase of the KCS program.

Phase 1 Exit Criteria


Readiness Evidence

Organization commitment

Clear vision of goals

Budget approval

Executive sponsor buy-in

Staff Management team buy-in

Budget approval

KCS Adoption Team resources made available

Communication sent from executive about plan and goals

Strategic Framework complete

Defined expectations for customer, employee, and organization


Separate customer, employee, and business views with related benefits and anticipated results

Content standard assessable

Consistent Article content

Content standard is understandable and easily accessible

Process in place to update content standard

Article Quality Index available

High quality Articles

AQI can be captured in an easy to use tool and assessable to all coaches

Workflow Process tested

Problems solved faster

Workflow has been simulated and documented

Performance Assessment Model defined

Learning and development

Draft metrics developed and defined

Baseline metrics established

Measure of progress

All draft metrics have a baseline measure from within the organization

Communication framework in place

Benefits for each stakeholder

Commitment to project


Written communication plan with project owner

Review and signoff of plan by Executive Sponsor

Process for testing communications effectiveness

Process for feedback and improvement

Technology Functional Specifications drafted

Minimize technology investment

Technology assessment complete

Technology supports the basic workflow

Adoption Road Map complete

Time and cost commitment known

Simplifies project management

KCS Adoption team engaged

Pilot Team members identified

Training scheduled for Pilot Team

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