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1.3 KCS Foundations Training

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The KCS Adoption team should attend the two and a half day KCS Foundations Workshop and attain the KCS Practices v5 Certification from the KCS Academy.  The most successful adoptions invest in both training and ongoing communications with the Adoption Team members.  This creates the necessary alignment and understanding necessary for success.


The KCS Foundations workshop has evolved over the past 15 years as the KCS methodology has evolved. It is a very effective and efficient way to create KCS evangelists.  The workshop is a mix of lecture and hands-on experience, and is proven to have high impact.  There are a number of KCS Trainers certified by the KCS Academy that offer the KCS Foundations Workshop.  


It is highly recommended that KCS Practices v5 Certification exam be administered as part of this workshop.  KCS Certified Trainers are able to proctor the exam at the end of the workshop.  


Once the KCS Adoption Team has a good understanding of KCS and how it applies to them, the next step is the KCS Design Session. 


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