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1.2 Getting the Right People Involved

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The first step is to identify and confirm an Executive Sponsor.  The Executive Sponsor must have influence on those who will be impacted by the organizational change.  It is typically a person holding a VP or Senior Director of Service Delivery role: an executive whose organization includes Support Analysts.  The Executive Sponsor acts as the KCS advocate with Finance, HR, and Product Development.  They are not on the Adoption Team, but should receive periodic briefings on the team’s progress. The Executive Sponsor needs to have control of the budget for the KCS initiative and have accountability for the results.


The next step is to create a cross-functional and cross-geographic KCS Adoption Team. In addition to the Executive Sponsor, this team is comprised of the KCS Program Manager (PM), the IT Liaison, the Web Liaison, and Adoption Team members.

KCS Program Manager - Responsible for coordinating the adoption team and the project plan, this person ideally holds a KCS Practices v5 certification from the KCS Academy.

IT Liaison - Responsible for driving the tool functionality, reporting, performance and integration required to support KCS.

Web Liaison - Responsible for ensuring the organization's website protocol is included in the content standard.

KCS Adoption Team Members – People in the organization including Managers and Support Analysts representing a cross-section of product teams, geographies, and (if applicable) partners, responsible for creating deliverables during the design session and supporting the pilot adoption.


A role on the Adoption Team is part time.  Members continue to be involved in their respective primary roles.  

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