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0.4 Adoption Activities

Table of contents

The typical sequence of events for a KCS adoption include:

  • KCS Assessment – understanding and sizing the opportunity
  • Executive briefing and buy-in
  • Selection of the KCS Adoption team
  • KCS Foundations workshop and KCS Certification for the Adoption team
  • KCS Design session
  • Management workshop(s)
  • Wave 1 (pilot), Support Analyst training for participants
  • Technology update
  • Workflow and content standard update
  • Coach training and Certification
  • Wave 2, Support Analyst training for participants
  • KCS Publisher Certification
  • KDE (Knowledge Domain Expert) training (Evolve Loop)

The Adoption Timeline


For each of the four phases, we will provide a:

  • Definition
  • List of best practices
  • Exit criteria to ensure completion of the phase
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