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This Adoption Guide is meant to complement the KCS Practices Guide and the Measurement Matters paper. An understanding of the KCS principles and practices is necessary before this guide will make sense.  Readers should be especially familiar with the KCS Practices, which are documented in detail in the KCS Practices Guide.


It is our intent to minimize the duplication of information; as a result there are numerous references to details included in both the guide and the paper.  However, some level of duplication is unavoidable.

About the Authors

Greg Oxton

In his 16 years at IBM, Greg held management positions in customer-service operations, planning and support strategy development. Greg managed a major worldwide support reengineering effort at Tandem Computers and then became the Director of Global Support Planning for Tandem. Prior to joining the Consortium he held the position of Sr. Director of Business Development at N.E.T. Greg’s specialty is customer service strategy and organizational development. As a member of the Consortium while at Tandem and N.E.T., Greg participated in the Strategic Issues Working Group, which defined the Multi-vendor Support Strategy. He joined the Consortium staff in July of 1996.

Melissa George

Melissa is responsible for running the Consortium’s Knowledge-Centered Support and Adaptive Organization program teams, as well as the KCS Academy’s KCS Verified program for knowledge management software vendors. Melissa has more than a decade of experience assisting service organizations adopt knowledge-based business strategies.

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the KCS Practice Guide links to the retired guide vs v6. Thank you
Posted 20:32, 21 Apr 2016
Thank you, Chris! Fixed now!
Posted 20:46, 21 Apr 2016
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