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The Evolve Loop

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The Evolve Loop is made up of the system-level or organizational-level processes that occur across a collection of people, events or content. This systemic view enables:

  • Quality improvement measures
  • Creation or refinement of high value KCS articles based on patterns or clusters of KCS articles in the knowledge base
  • The continuous improvement of the Solve Loop practices
  • Continuous improvement in the system level processes that support the Solve Loop
  • Root cause analysis to identify high impact improvements to the products and documentation


By looking across a collection of content or events, the Evolve Loop practices - Content Health, Process Integration, Performance Assessment, and Leadership & Communication - identify areas for improvement to make the individuals, the team and the processes more effective, as well as (and perhaps most importantly) opportunities for product and documentation improvements based on the collective customer experience. In the following sections, we will discuss techniques and tools for these systemic improvements.


Content is king.  We will start the Evolve Loop discussion with Content Health: what are we trying to create? Then we will discuss the Process Integration practices: how are we going to create good content? From there we move to a discussion on Performance Assessment: how de we measure how we are doing? And last, but certainly not least, we will discuss the critical role of Leadership & Communication: how do we get people, at all levels of the organization, to buy-in and change how they think about and do their jobs?

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