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Technique 2: Complete Thoughts Not Complete Sentences

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KCS proposes that we capture in the moment, using the customer's words, but not all of them.  We must be able to capture at or near the speed of conversation. KCS advocates increasing the "capture-ability" and readability of content by making it short and succinct; complete thoughts, as opposed to complete sentences.


We are not asking Support Analysts to become technical writers. As previously mentioned, many Support Analysts take notes as they are working on a problem. KCS proposes those notes be captured as a Work-in-Progress article in the knowledge base instead of in a notebook or personal database.  For most Analysts, KCS doesn't propose additional work; it proposes a different way to do what they are already doing.  The advantage is that the experience is captured in a structured and sharable way.


A list of single, complete thoughts improves article readability, especially for those using English as a second or third language (see the Content Health section for more details).

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I find that when you take a good experienced analyst and introduce them to KCS, they actually don't write down anything different to what they would write down prior to using KCS, and they don't write it at a different time in their troubleshootimg (or answer finding/creating) process - they just write it in a different place. They write it in the fields provided within the article structure - and this makes a world of difference as their info is now available to others. A tremendous gain in value via the simple act of writing what you would have written anyway - but just writing it in a different place.
Posted 10:47, 18 Feb 2016
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