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Technique 4: Searching is Creating

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Search words and phrases are candidate content for improving existing KCS articles or creating new KCS articles. They are especially valuable because they capture customer context. Content used for searching should be saved, updated based on search results, and should become the beginning of a new KCS article in the event a KCS article does not already exist.


Content like the problem and environment (from the basic structure) frame the KCS article. This WIP (Work-in-Progress) KCS article should be saved in the knowledge base and submitted to the appropriate people for resolution (this process varies based on role and KCS license). A WIP article lets other Analysts in the organization know that the problem has been reported. When the resolution is determined, we simply add it to the WIP article. We consider this KCS article complete and mark it with the state appropriate to the KCS license and confidence of the user. In the event that other open cases have been linked to this WIP article, they can be quickly resolved.


The process of framing and finishing KCS articles draws people into using the knowledge base as the basis for problem solving. This, in turn, ensures that the collective experience of the organization is being captured and applied in the process of solving problems.

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I agree with the WIP article approach - but I was wondering why the paragraph is under a heading on "search words are candidate knowledge content". The WIP article concept may deserve its own section and go into the pro's and con's of actually publishing this content to external target audience members - for example for intermittent problems, or problems that evsporate at one site or for one customer, but sporsdicslly re-appears at the same or other customers. These kind of WIP articles are a bit different from the normal WIP, in that the case or incident is closed, and the work-in-progress nature of them extends beyond the life of just one incident - perhaps spanning several incidents, with gaps in activitiy as new occurences are awaited for troubleshooitng to resume I call these "still seeking resolution" articles. Edited 10:34, 18 Feb 2016
Posted 10:24, 18 Feb 2016
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