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The KCS Article

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The KCS article is the content, or knowledge, created by using the KCS methodology. Articles can be used for many different types of content including a simple question, a complex problem or a procedure. KCS articles have a little bit of structure, and they integrate the perspective of three groups: Customer, Support Analyst, and the organization. The customer's perspective includes their experience of what is happening as well as information about the environment relevant to their situation. The issue statement is the customers's view of what is happening and it is captured in their context (words and phrases). The analyst's perspective is captured in the resolution and cause (if appropriate). The organizational perspective is represented in metadata with information such as the article state, the date created, number of times the article has been used, modification history and the date last modified.

                     The KCS Knowledge Article

The KCS article has a structure or format that is defined in the content standard and is intended to cover a wide range of issues including:

  • "How-to" or Q&A

  • Interoperability issues

  • Configuration issues

  • Defects

  • Diagnostic procedures

  • Procedural documentation

    The KCS methodology is leveraged by organizations to implement and enhance issue resolution and processes. 


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Customer and support analysts perspective were fairly obvious that I think most people resonate with - but I hadn't thought much about the Company perspective in the same context. I wonder if there is more to company perspective than just the meta-data.
Posted 12:56, 17 Feb 2016
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